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Our Most Popular Treatments 




Skin Needling


Medical Grade LED


Chemical Peels

Here At Clear Complexion Skin and Beauty We Specialise in Skin Providing Facials to Target Our Clients Concerns 

Here at Clear Complexion we don’t just give you your a facial treatment. We dive deep into your skin routine, dermal science, gut health, health contradictions, environmental contradictions, your lifestyle - we cover it all.

We are a team of friendly and bubbly girls who just love SKIN.

We know the importance of feeling confident in your skin and that’s why we are here to help. We want nothing more than for you to not only come in for a relaxing treatment and enjoy some ZENNN time but more importantly we want you leaving feeling confident, better within your skin, eager for this skin journey we will be taking together.




We Specialise In Treating 

 . Acne . Eczema . Scaring  . Rosacea . Ageing  . Pigmentation + More

We want nothing more than our clients to leave feeling confident and beautiful in there own skin. Our team provides women and men of all ages with treatments and products tailored to fit there skin needs. 


Take a look inside what happens at our 

'Im New Here' appointments. 

Meet The Team



Danika, is a qualified skin specialist. Owner of clear complexion she started her small business to help her makeup clients with their skin concerns, quickly this turned to helping a huge variety of people achieve their ultimate skin goal.


 Her passion for helping clients achieve clear skin has had her study every skin type deeply and her knowledge & attention to detail reflects in her before and after photos. 

Danika has trained and continues to train her staff to the highest industry standards.  


Danika is kind and welcoming and makes every facial experience one to remember.  She ensures every single treatment is provided in salon is up to the clear complexion standards 



Aleisha, is a qualified skin specialist.


Aleisha wants nothing more than for her clients to feel welcomed and to leave with a smile.

She is passionate about helping, treating and guiding her clients through their skin journey.


With her bubbly and warm nature she loves for her clients to feel confident and happy in their own skin and leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 



Larissa, a qualified skin specialist Larissa’s passion for all things skin started when she experienced her own skin struggles, this helps her empathise & connect with her clients. With Larissa’s bubbly & bright personality she wants nothing more then for clients to feel welcome & invited. Larissa wants to help her clients to feel happy & confident in their own skin, her goal is to have you glowing with a Clear Complexion.



Chloe is a qualified skin specialist , specialising in all things skin. Chloe loves warmly welcoming new clients and guiding them through their skin journey. Her passion for massage allows you to melt away while receiving a results-driven treatment. Chloe's warm and genuine nature ensures every client feels valued and leaves with a smile



Dkota is a qualified skin specialist with a passion for skin and massage. With a deep empathy born from personal struggles with her own skin, Dkota understands the importance of confidence and comfort in the clients own skin. Her mission is to empower individuals by providing personalized treatments that not only address skin concerns but also foster relaxation and rejuvenation. Through her expertise and dedication, Dkota allows clients to embrace their  beauty from within and embark on a journey towards ultimate confidence.

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